Printing Your Book the Right Way

My daughter, Kaylyn, and I work together at M&K Publishing.  My specialty is manufacturing and Kaylyn does the layout/creative design.


We are very glad to help you in your book publishing venture.   Here is some information to start you down the path to making some decisions on how you can proceed.


For publishing books you have two options:  Traditional or Self-Publishing.

Traditional: This is where you would reach out to publishing companies like (Zondervan, Thomas-Nelson publishing and others) where they would take over the layout, publishing, and marketing of your book in hopes that they pay you. It is very hard to get a company to pick up your book and you would be missing out on the gross profits of printing your book and selling it yourself. If you are not wanting to be involved in the process or marketing of the book then this is the best option. However, finding a publisher can take 3-4 years and normally they do not offer a very high % royalty until your books prove themselves to be popular.  M&K Publishing does not operate as traditional publishers—we do not pay royalties to authors or market books, our focus is the layout/design/manufacturing of the publishing process.


Self-Publishing: This option has become more popular because authors are able to keep the entire profit after expenses.  It does require the author to be involved from start-to-finish of production and handle all of the distribution (or make connections with distributors). The main point is that the author must fund the entire process up front and then sell books to reimburse themselves and start making money.   M&K Publishing will help navigate this process and provide support from page layout/design, providing print-ready files and overseeing the book manufacturing process. We would get a quote for you showing you the best price options and then would help you with the process of getting a proof and getting the books printed.


Since we specialize in helping self-publishers to manufacture books—from page layout design to final printing/binding (hard cover or paperback books) we charge for services rendered and do not expect a % of books sold nor do we sell books and provide royalties to authors.


If you are wanting guidance to promote your books we highly recommend you start by reviewing this website—Michael Hyatt was the CEO of Thomas-Nelson Publishing and is now in charge of this company that helps authors guide through the publishing world:


We would be glad to provide you with a book printing quote but we need a little more information.


  1. Do you know how many books you are interested in printing
  2. What size are you thinking of making your book
  3. Would you like them hard cover or soft cover
  4. We’ll need to know how many total pages are in the book and if they are all 4/color, black and white, etc.

Now that you know what we normally look for when a customer is ready for a quote and what the two options are for your book we hope that you can make an informed decision that will make this process as rewarding as you are hoping for!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or problems.


Thank you,

Mike and Kaylyn

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